The Best Kitchen Chimney in India & buyers guide


In Indian Kitchen, we know that like our variable culture of food we have different methods to make it and this method includes frying, blistering, grilling, etc. and therefore the air of the kitchen area is totally covered with unwanted smoke, steam, and dust particles. To solve this problem we provide an article of the best kitchen chimney in India & buyers guide.

This may cause problems related to your respiratory system when long term contact in this environment and which not good for health.

Now some kitchens are having most of the non-veg preparation like fish dishes, mutton or chicken, etc. and in that making method, we need more oil and masalas to make it tasty.

But the smoke is coming out while blistering and frying your other kitchen appliances are exposed with this oily, sticky smoke and your kitchen utensil and decorative piece look dull n greasy, and you are stuck by cleaning all those regularly.

Then to avoid this worst condition and maintain your kitchen look beautiful and attractive and to improve your cooking experience your kitchen needs a Chimney.

Now, if you are making your mind to purchase a new branded best chimney for your kitchen then you never know how it is beneficial for you and your kitchen area.

We are presenting here a list of Best Chimney Brands in India and making a list of 6 The Best kitchen Chimney in India 2019-20.

Benefits of kitchen Chimney for your home:

  • Decrease kitchen area pollution.

  • Absorbs bad odors, smoke and out it from your home.

  • Your kitchen will shine every day.

  • It absorbs gas in leakage conditions.

  • Their no more turning black and greasy of your kitchen tiles and the sidewall of the kitchen.

  • No allergic elements and prevention of a headache and respiratory diseases.

  • The fresh environment in an indoor area

How to choose the best kitchen chimney for your home?

For making a precise decision for your best purchase we suggest you just go through the buyer’s guide and review provided at the bottom of the article.

The Buyer’s guide and review contain all consideration factors which you should consider before making up the mind for choosing the best kitchen chimney.

Now, we giving the list of Best Brands for Kitchen chimney in India.

  • Elica

  • Hindware

  • Faber

  • Eurodomo

  • Seavy

  • Sunflame

  • Glen

  • Bosch

  • Inalsa

What are the types of Kitchen Chimney?

The classification based on installation, there are mainly two types of kitchen chimney-

  • Ducting Chimney-

This chimney extracting all oil, smoke, and grease particles absorbs from the kitchen area and let it out the outside through a pipe or PVC outlet via passing through filters and meshes.


+ Provide high efficiency to use.

+ Best for commercial kitchens.


– Noise produced.

  • Ductless Chimney-

In this chimney, there is a replacement of ducting with a fan or blower. And the charcoal filter is used in this to absorbs dirt, dust, smoke a grim from the kitchen and release the clean air into the kitchen.


+ Installation is easy.

+ On-off switching automatically.


– Low suction power.

– We need to change the filters frequently.

So let’s have look we explaining one by one Kitchen chimney their advantages and disadvantages.

1] Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney –

To improve your kitchen look and cooking experience you need the well-designed kitchen chimney to your kitchen.

For hassle-free cooking, Elica presents the filterless auto clean chimney size of 90cm which covers a large cooking area and it is best to use if you have a 3 to5 burner stove.

This is a wall-mounted type with curved glass that absorbs all cooking smoke, strong odors which affects you and your family healthy.

It comes with filterless technology for strong suction, It has a motion sensor that enables easy operation by a simple wave of your hand for speed increase you need to wave it right side and for decreasing speed wave it towards the left side as simple as.

It comes with Auto-clean technology which solves your cleaning problem. This auto clean technology consists heating element that helps to removes the sticky oil particles easily and collect it in the oil collector which is placed right below.

Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

Key features that you’ll Love-

1) Max Air Flow

2) Touch Control Panel

3) LED Lamps

4) Motion Sensor

5) Heat Auto Clean Technology

6) Max noise level 58dB



1) Elegant design with black matte finish having a motion sensor

2) Free installation kit

3) Consist of 2 LED lamps

4) The touch panel improves the look of your kitchen

5) Separate Oil collector which collect oil  after heat auto clean mechanism

6) The rust-free design ensures durability and performs the hassle-free operation

7) Perform noiseless operation

1) Installation service is not free

Other models with variant size from Elica Brand

2] Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney-

Faber having a high power suction and filterless technology provide heat auto clean technology with oil collector.

It comes with a unique Gesture Control feature that controls the freedom of operating without touching the control panel.

It has efficient  2LED lights that consume less power and enhance the look of your kitchen. Also, have a powerful motor which creates lesser noise.

The Faber kitchen chimney comes with auto-clean technology and makes it’s maintenance cost zero.

The Touch controls enable the great and effortless operating and the Gesture control mechanism is interrupted movements in order to interact with the human body.

The suction pipe is made of aluminum so no rusting and corrosion problem occurs and the auto-clean feature is user-friendly you just need to press a button and wait for 10mins and later with the help of spray just wipe off the dirt.

This kitchen chimney comes with 5 years warranty on motor and rotor.

Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney (HOOD CREST HC SC BK 90, Filterless, Touch & Gesture Control, Black)

Key features that you’ll Love-

1) Heat auto clean technology

2) Powerful suction motor

3) Filterless technology

4) Gesture Control

5) Oil collector

6) Low Noise produced



1) The perfect combination of looks and technology

2) The high suction power of 1200m3/hr

3) Filterless chimney ensures no hassles of cleaning

4) It controls the device without direct contact of the human body

5) Touch control helps to operate chimney easy and effortless

6) The efficient LED lights improve the look of your kitchen

1) Installation kit  and service is not free

Other kitchen chimney product from Faber Crest-

1] Faber 60cm 1295 m3/hr Chimney – for 2to3 hobs/stove

2] Faber 60 cm 1500 m3/h Heat Auto Clean Chimney- for 2to3 hobs/stove and efficient suction capacity

3] Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney-

With advanced features like heat auto clean, oil collector for complete user-friendly and hassle-free performance having good aesthetics features.

It comes with a baffle filter made of high-quality stainless steel material which ensures durability for life of the chimney.

For quick action and easy to use the touch control panel with digital display is given and the powerful suction allows smoke and aroma free cooking.

Improve the look of your kitchen and to light-up kitchen setup 2 LED lights are attached with it will make your cooking experience wonderful.

The Baffle filter which helps in dragging down all oil, smoke and residue particles, the filter needs low maintenance.

The heat auto clean technology consists of heat element which heating greasy part and dragging oil to in oil collector.

Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney (Hood Classy HC BK 90, Black)

Key features that you’ll Love-

1) Touch control panel

2) Stainless steel baffle filter

3) Heat auto clean technology

4) Suction Power of 1200m3/hr

5) Elegant body



1) The filter and hood absorbs all smoke and oil particles makes the kitchen air fresh

2) Having a technology of auto-clean so that hassle-free cleaning

3) High-quality stainless steel material does not affect by rusting or corrosion 

4) The exhaust pipe is made of aluminum metal which is non-corrosive 

5) Best and less budget chimney compare to another brand 

6) It has toughened material and a sturdy body so that heavy purchases.

1) Installation is not free

Other featured Best Kitchen chimney from Eurodomo-

1] Eurodomo 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-Clean Chimney- for 2to3 stove/hob

4] Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney-

Hindware Nevio 90 having a powerful suction stroke consumes all smoke, oil particles and dust from the kitchen and makes your kitchen air fresh.

The one-touch control gives the easy to handle experience to create a perfect kitchen environment.

The metallic blower having a longer operational life and loaded with super features like thermal auto-clean technology.

The 90cm size of chimney covers space having an3 to 5 stove/hobs and perfect for large kitchen space.

The Hindware kitchen chimney comes with a 1-year warranty on product and 5 years on its motor.

It has a stainless steel baffle filter with an oil collector for easy cleaning purposes.

Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (Nevio 90, 1 Baffle Filter, Steel/Grey)

Key features that you’ll Love-

1) Thermal Auto Technology

2) Smoke-free, fresh kitchen

3) Stainless steel baffle filter

4) Energy Efficient LED light

5) Touch Control



1) It gives a solid performance and enhances the beauty of your kitchen.

2) Lesser power consumption with producing less noise.

3) It comes with a powerful blower for high suction.

4) The unique feature consists of Thermal Auto Clean Technology.

 5) Feather touch control panel with Energy-efficient LED lamps improves the look of your kitchen.

1) Installation kit and service is not free

2) More weighted than other brands

Another Kitchen chimney from Hindware-

1] Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney – This product is suitable for 2 to 3 stove/ hobs

5] Inalsa 90 cm, 1300 m³/hr, Auto Clean, Kitchen Chimney –

Inalsa company is a part of the Spanish group ‘Taurus’ which is one of the popular brands in Europe produce over 30 product categories. 

For your fresh and happy kitchen, Insla presents kitchen chimney that has an auto-clean technology that allows you comfort cooking experience.

The noise level is minimum during operation your kitchen ensures minimum noise during operation and maintaining a noise level of 65dB.

The Auto clean technology helps to clean properly the chimney without hassle. And the heating elements are collect all sticky oil to oil collector panel can remove easily.

This chimney comes with 2 stainless steel filter helps to eliminate the all sticky oil particles and smoke it has baffle filter keep kitchen smoke and oil-free.

The touch control panel operates with jut in one touch and makes kitchen hood for effortless use, panel consist of digital clock and timer display.

Inalsa 90 cm, 1300 m³/hr, Auto Clean, Kitchen Chimney Crescent 90BKSFAC with 11 Deg SS Baffle Filter, Touch Control & Digital Display (Black)

Key features that you’ll Love-

1) Mirror Finish Hood

2) Digital clock and timer display

3) SS oil collector

4) Two speeds control

5) Thermal auto clean control

6) SS baffle filter



 1) It comes with the thermal auto clean control

2) Digital clock and timer display enhance the look of your kitchen

3) Toughened glass cover which is durable for long life

4) LED light control which adds the lightning effect in the kitchen

5) It has dual filter technology extracting all oil from the kitchen

6) Odorless and smoke-free kitchen with a perfect combination of performance, looks, and technology.

 1) Noise level is recorded more


6] Glen 90cm 1200 m³/h Auto Clean Curved Glass, Wall Mounted Chimney-

With curved black glass finish with stylish glass cooker hoods look enhancing your kitchen look and cooking environment and clean cooking experience.

It contains a twin baffle filter with a metal blower and has the thermal auto-clean function to ease for cleaning of the chimney.

High RPM motor creates high thrust which instant absorbs the smoke, greasy oil particles and dust from the kitchen and stuck in the cavity of the kitchen chimney by warming air.

Durable and rust-resistant stainless steel material is used so that gives long life experience and preserve your kitchen chimney.

Glen 90cm 1200 m³/h Auto Clean Curved Glass,Wall Mounted Chimney with Free Installation Kit (Melissa, Baffle Filters, Touch Control, Black)

Key features that you’ll Love-

1) Maximum Air Flow

2) powerful LED lamps

3) Durable and rust-resistant

4) High RPM motor

5) Efficient baffle filters

5) Ultra-modern design



1) The touch sensor control to regulate the speed of airflow as per the food being prepared.

2) Oil particles that are collected in oil collector bowls can be detached and washed easily.

 3) Baffle filters that last long and absorbs all kitchen steam, odor, heat, and smoke, fumes and grease.

4) Powerful copper motor to serve proper functionality.

 5) In thermal auto-clean function just presses the button while cooking and it sucks all oil particles.

6) Efficient powerful copper motor performs a peaceful function of cleaning.

1) Installation kit and service is not provided

2) Noise issue

Buyers Guide and review are for your best choice:-

This Kitchen Chimney buyers guide suggested for clear your confusion about the chimney selection.

We know that this is not a small decision for you to add new technical smart members in your home which has low maintenance, hassle-free operations, and no cleaning process problems.

Every person wants that all your needs and expectations are fulfilled by your purchase and it is not wrong in that but the purchasing and featured selection is in our hand and for making the correct decision you should know every feature and best-featured product in the market.

So we helping you to compare and optimize your confusion about your choice with the help of the Buying Guide.

Before going to buy the best Kitchen Chimney for your kitchen you should consider some factors.

The Consideration Factors while buying:-

  • Mounting:-

There are mainly two types of mounting :

Before going to the purchase of the kitchen chimney make sure that your kitchen has to a space for the exit hole of the exhaust pipe of the chimney.

1) Wall Mounted –

If your kitchen is designed traditionally then it is attached to the wall where the stove is located near to the wall. So that chimney is fitted near to the wall and suck all smoke, grease particle, and dusting, etc.

Has required minimal ducting and pipe length.

2) Island/ Ceiling mounted-

Nowadays most of the modern look kitchens the stove is fitted at the center of the kitchen area which looks like an island view and to cover the cooking area the chimney is fitted at the top of the stove then chimney is fitted in the ceiling.

This type of chimney fitting needs substantial ducting/pipes.

  • Kitchen Size:-

According to your kitchen area, your chimney size will be decided.

1) Small Kitchen –

For small size kitchen, the 60cm chimney is suitable for all over suction and maximum suction power of 1200m3/hr is sufficient.

2) Normal Kitchen –

For a normal size of the kitchen area the according to your cooking needs you will select as 60cm to 90cm chimney and suction power 1100 to 1200m3/hr.

3) Large Kitchen –

For large kitchen areas and have more than 5to6 family members needs more cooking processes which produce more smoke, greasy particles, and dusting, etc.

Especially for commercial purpose heavy cooking processes, the chimney has to work more and perform fluent functioning and has to give more productive results. 

So that 90CM size of chimney hood with variable suction capacity like 1200m3/hr to 1500m3/hr. But for housing use, 1200m3/hr suction capacity is sufficient for all-purpose.

In this article, we consider the standard size 90CM and maximum suction power of 1200m3/hr.

  • Filter Type:-

For the better function of the Kitchen chimney, the working area that is filter type is the most important factor to consider.

Mainly three type to consider –

1) Baffle Filter –

To change the direction of air-flow and it has a layered structure of aluminum or steel are overlapped each other.

It has the technology used ‘cut and crop’  which separates oil and spices from smoke which helps to improve the suction and all suck oil is collected in oil collectors.

For Indian kitchens, this type of Filter is best for use. Maintenance needs for this type of filter once in 5to6 months and you need to change the filter in 4to 5years.

2) Cassette/Mesh Filter-

It consists of the layer of Aluminium mesh in the structure of overlapping each other. This mesh has small pores and when air or oil and grime is passed through the filter their may be chances of clogged very soon and it detained the performance of the filter.

So you need to clean filters every fortnight. Maintenance is easier than a baffle filter you can simply remove the filter and wash it with the help of warm water with detergent or soap.

3) Charcoal Filter-

This filter is given the best performance in odor absorption because the charcoal granules trap the odor molecules. The absorption capacity depends on the thickness of filter and size of granules

This type of filter is used in the ductless chimney. For maintenance, this can’t wash so you need periodical replacement in 3to6 months.

  • Smart Technologies:-

Must consider the Smart Technologies used in your chimney to improve its functionality and ease to use. The various brand comes with different technologies but some smart feature is essential like,

1) Auto-Clean Technology –

The Heat Auto Clean Technology is a must for hassle-free cleaning of the chimney. The coil cover of the motor gets heated up for 15 to 20 mins which helps to extract all oil and greasy particles from it with liquidizing them and let out to oil collector after this cleaning it automatically off itself.

Then you can simply remove the collector and wash it with warm water and soap or detergent.

2) Ductless Chimney-

This chimney is especially useful when there is no exit vent from the kitchen. It consists of a fan or blower with a charcoal filter for sucking all grease particles, heat, smoke, and aromas of spices, etc. filter it and then recirculates fresh air to the kitchen area.

3) Auto-Heat sensor-

It consists of a sensor that automatically senses the heat and oil particles and automatically switches on-off.

4) Buzzer/ Indicator-

When there is a need for changing or cleaning of filters the indicator lamps or alarms are provided to inform you.

5) Warranty period-

The warranty period is the most important consideration when you buying electrical appliances and invest high.

Measurably all brands offer a warranty of 4 to 5 years on motor and 1 to 2 years on the overall product. This makes sure if there is any problem arises in a committed feature in the future then the company gives free service according to the warranty terms and conditions.

For ensuring go for long-term warranty periods.

After considering all the factors we picked some of the best kitchen chimneys are advisable for you to make your purchase more precise and qualitative.

So let’s have a look on our best picked-

Budget-friendly and consist of wanted features.



We hope you read the whole article and it is helpful for choosing your best kitchen chimney set to making your kitchen healthy and fresh with a smart new look.

If you have any queries or say questions related to kitchen chimney then just go to the comment section and comment we will try to give all answers to your questions and clear queries.

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