How To Clean A Kitchen Chimney?

We all know that all love cleanliness but nobody wants to clean by our self. Mostly in the kitchen, the cleaning of the appliance is most hassling work and mostly done by our mum. Most difficult to clean is the kitchen chimney. This article helps you to know about How to Kitchen Chimney?

Actually, if you are thinking that the cleaning of the chimney is quite tough then it is definitely not, Yes! It is not rocket science at all.

But now you can do it easier with some tricks we discuss the kitchen chimney cleaning with an easy way in this article.

The kitchen chimney in the kitchen is the most important device fit for cleanliness and to maintain the fresh environment in the kitchen area.

With very simple tools we can clean all kitchen chimney in a proper manner very easily. Let’s see step by step.

The chimney consists of filters that are the most greasy part to clean. There are mainly three types of filters:

1] Filter Types:

  1. Baffle Filters
  2. Mesh Filters
  3. Carbon Filters

Now the Baffle and Mesh Filters can clean and reuse but the Carbon filters are not that kind you have to replace them after some time of use.

In India, the most used filters are Baffle Filters So we are going to consider cleaning of Baffle filters. For mesh filters, you just have to consider Mesh Filters instead of Baffle.

Mesh Filters are less absorption effect than Baffle because the mesh filters have a small pour and will block in very less time. So baffle filters better for the chimney to consider.

2] Why there is need Of Cleaning of Kitchen Chimney:

The kitchen is the most hygienic place in the house,  Afterall the food is a very important factor and then

To avoid this problem you definitely have the chimney in your kitchen.

Day by day the smoke and oily smell and greasy environment of our kitchen increase the pollution in the kitchen environment. The chimney sucks that all polluted air inside and through outside the kitchen.

But after some period the chimney gets oily and greasy if you do not clean or service it for a long time then it will cause noise.

Mainly the noise is generated because of the jam of motor or fan fins in a chimney hose. This is because the grease part or oil is stick onto the wall of fins, It will make them heavy.

So the motor needs more power to run will cause noisy operation.

This will affect the performance of chimney, it will lose the efficiency to absorb smoke and greasy, oily particles.

To avoid this situation the chimney has to be clean within a month at least the filters have to be clean.

3] Tools That are used for cleaning the Chimney:

At very first you need two important things,

  1. Caustic Soda (NaOH)
  2. Hand Gloves

Buy them from any nearby hardware shop these are easily available products.


Before going to cleaning you have to make sure about the given factors for safety purposes.

  • Don’t try to baffle filters directly by hand because the edges of the filter are very sharp, will cause injury to your hand.
  • When you handling the Caustic Soda please be careful and do not touch it directly by hand. And also after use, keep Caustic Soda locked up and out of the reach of children.
  • While pouring water in tray please keep your face away from the tray, Its inhalation may cause a bad effect on your body.

4] Steps For Cleaning the Kitchen Chimney:

Step-1]  Take the baffle Filters from the chimney and keep in-tray.

For baffle filters, the lock mechanism is given to the adjacent edge. Just push it then it will automatically open and remove them from the chimney.

Filters are kept in the tray. The tray should have depth in which the tray gets immersed properly.

Step:-2]  Wear hand gloves and sprinkle Caustic Soda on the top of filters.

In the tray, you have to sprinkle the soda over the filters and make sure whenever the more oil or greasy portion sprinkle more on it.

 Step:-3] Boil water and Pour in the tray over the baffle filters. (Precaution must in handling hot water)

while doing this keep some distance between you and tray Because fumes will com while adding hot water don’t inhale deeply.

You can cover your nose and mouth with a piece of cloth for more security.

Step:4] Keep it rest for 2 hours.

The all greasy dirt will automatically remove from the filters and dissolved in water. After two hours you can see the color of the water will change.

The all dirt clean from the filters with help of brush by lightly rubbing with a brush.

Step:- 5] Cleaning with Tap Water.

First drain the dirty, greasy water from the tray and then open the tap water directly on the tray, and weight till see the clear waters on the tray.

Step-6] Remove the baffle filters form tray

You can see the filters are sparkling, free out of oil/ Grease. You can find the filter is clean and shining.

After removing filters from the tray then clean it with a piece of cloth make it dry.

Step:-7] Fit the filters to the chimney.

That.s It this the best and easy way to clean the chimney.

For deep Cleaning Or Servicing of chimney:

For deep servicing of the chimney, you need to disassemble all parts of the chimney. Yes, you can do it at home, for that you need a screwdriver.

After removing all screws from the chimney panel, separate all parts of the chimney-like its hose, motor and the electrical compartment of switches.

Note: Before Disassembling the parts take a photo of the assembly to ensure assembling.

Be careful about removing those parts because the edges of the chimney hose are sharp.

5] For Advanced and Deep Cleaning:

For this process, you need to take care of all assembling after cleaning.

Step:-1] Hose cleaning:-

For this, you need a Brush (a toothbrush is more convenient) and detergent powder or soap of cloth washing. Then and warm water (the temperature is bearable for your hands).

First, remove all greasy sticky layer from inside the hose. And then pour detergent mix warm water on it.

After that rub the inside wall of hose with the help of brush but keep your hand safe from edges of chimney.

And after washing pour warm water on it and clean it.

Step:-2] Motor hose(outer cover of the motor) cleaning:-

To clean this outer hose please remove the motor first, then remove all oily substance steak on inner walls of it.

Again deep it into the detergent mix warm water and let it be loose all greasy dirt from it. Then scrub all oily part and again wash with the warm water and let it dry.

Step:-3] Cleaning of Motor:-

Please do not use water for cleaning the fan of the motor. You can use a thinner or petrol for cleaning of fan fins.

Take a piece of cloth and pour a thinner on it and just clean those fins very gently but don’t pour directly on fan or motor may damage your system of a blower and let it dry.

Step:-4] Cleaning Of Electrical compartment and Wiring:-

Note:- Before detachment please take a photo of the electronic panel and then do the cleaning.

The base of an electrical compartment is facing towards the gas stoves so it will get dirty with the oil and steam, the smoke of food frying.

Please don’t use water or any liquid substance to clean the electronic panel that may damage your panel.

Take a piece of cloth and deep into the detergent mixe water and gently clean the wiring and switches very gently.

Step:- 5] Lamp/ lights Cleaning:-

Remove the lamp and light from chimney panel and then with a piece of cloth clean it gently.

Overall do not use direct water to the cleaning of electrical arrangements.

6] When we need to clean the chimney:

The perfect time to clean the chimney is depending upon how much time period the chimney uses? And how much quantity of food cooked in your kitchen and what type of food you cooked in your kitchen.

But while considering the Indian Food Habits, If you used to cook oily food then you must clean the chimney after a week or within 15 days.

If you have less than 4 family members and used to cook the less oily food items then you can clean it monthly.

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We hope this article will help you to make your work easy. We always work on making your workload less. We always try to find and provide satisfactory answers to your problems. If you want to add any suggestions then put your valuable words in the comment section. 

Stay informed and keep updated, Thank You! 

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