How To Clean The Washing Machine At Home?

How To Clean The Washing Machine

Hey guys, welcome to an article named how to clean the washing machine at home with the new subject and having a piece of new information about washing machine service.

Are you facing a problem of bad odor coming from your washed clothes and it’s just because of your washing machine?

Then you need to know that your washing machine tub needs cleaning, washing machine service.

Your washing machine cleans your clothes very effectively but unfortunately, it does not self-clean and needs maintenance.

Remember if you ignore the odor then understand what it signifies it clearly means that you expose daily with germs and bacteria.

Which causes skin problems and especially for kids so have to take seriously this issue and solve it as early as possible.

The residue of soap or detergent on washed clothes are also causing skin problems while wearing them.

So according to some research papers, we have some statistical data on the

a. Effects of Washing detergent and soap:

  • Increase in pH of body skin from +0.19 to the largest +0.45 after washing with alkaline soap.
  • Liquid detergent is less affected than the alkaline soap Which influences the skin-irritating problems.
  • This results in skin surface hydration status leading to dry skin.

One another considerable factor is after a long period of use of washing you can see the microfibers of clothes. Especially woolen fibers on the washing tub are stick and when you they give residue on other clothes while washing.

If you want to solve this problem then you need to clean your washing machine periodic basis according to your washing usage.

If you are cleaning the washing machine tub but no effect on an odor so this article is helping you to know about the cleaning process of the washing machine.

Here we are explaining all the things about the cleaning of the whole washing machine and provides proper guidance.

Cleaning is most important when you using a washing machine for daily purposes. If your washing is heavy and dirty then the cleaning of the washing machine is necessary periodically.

Now in the market, there is a different type of washing machine but in this article, we focused on Top-Loaded washing machine cleaning.

For this you need cleaning tools:

b. Tools for Cleaning Washing Machine Tub:

In washing tools, you need a Brush(can be toothbrush), a piece of clothing, Baking soda and vinegar, etc.

You need a Brush to remove residue from the corners of the machine lid, detergent box, and especially to srub the gasket and remove scars.

The piece of clothing for cleaning the panel area gently and also needs when cleaning the detergent box, lid, and tub too.

Vinegar or Baking soda is most important to clean the scars of detergent and limescale to keep washing odor-free, clean, and fresh.

You may use Citric Acid, Enzyme Detergent, and bleach-like Oxygen Bleach, Chlorin Bleach. But you need to know how to use all types of cleaning methods too.

For more about cleaners’ visit on Washing machine cleaner.

We kindly suggest you before going to clean your washing machine at home please go through the processes and then do it with your self.

Now let’s Know about the washing methods in a simple way:

c. Process of cleaning Washing Machine at Home Easily

We explaining things step-by-step solution for cleaning the washing machine tub:

Step-1) Hot cycle run with Vinegar:-

In the empty washing tub, you need to add 2-cups of vinegar and run it full of hot water.

The most important about Vinegar is easily available in every house if not then easily available to any grocery shop and this is very useful. While cleaning washer and to remove hard scars from the tub without affecting your clothes.

Vinegar also acts as a cleanser and deodorizer will cut through odors. And there is no more smelling or odor problem to your washer.

Step-2) Removing base plate of washer and other to brushing:-

This type of cleaning is most advisable for the commercial use of the washing machine.

Step-by-step remove the removable parts now these are different from a different type of washing machine.

For helping you the pictures are given to know about how can you remove it.

How to clean washing machine at homeThe fixed net is provided to drain out water from the washer, but lots of dust and dirt residue are saturated at the base, and the sides of the net panel look like mud.

For easy removal, you need a screwdriver for uplifting those net panels.

How to clean washing machine at homeFor removing the base panel the screw at the center is present you need to remove. It with the help of a screwdriver and after removing the screw remove the central cup to release the total base.

How to clean washing machine at homeAfter removing the screw from a cup of the base now you can easily remove the base of the washer with the help of your hand and now you can see the mu. It is saturated at the base of the washing machine which you need to clean all.

HOw to clean washing machine at homeAlso, remove the drain pipe inlet and all those parts you need to scrub with the help of a Brush.

How to clean the washing machine at home

Step-3) Scrubbing and Brushing those parts and clean them:-

For super cleaning of these parts make a semi-solid solution of Baking soda and Vinegar and use it to scrub properly with a brush or you can use plastic more scrub for it.

HOw to clean washing machine at homeWith the help of a brush, you need to scrub and clean the detergent dispenser, the periphery of the washer tub and with the help of cloth let it collect all dirt over there and clean it properly.

Also clean with clean water with the help of a piece of clothing.

Step-4)  Cleaning of Inner and Outer body and lid-Display:-

For easy lid and panel display cleaning, you need a spray and vim-gel to spray on them and then clean with the help of a soft cotton cloth.

Don’t use a scrubber it may cause loss of shine of the glass lid and outer section.

If you have colin then it is more helpful to ease of cleaning.

Step-5) Re-assemble all parts:-

For re-assembling all parts, you have to clean all parts properly and then tighten all parts with a screw. No chance to left any screw or loosing in feating of the base panel rather it will generate noise while operating creates more vibrations and damage other parts too.

Step-6) Hot water Clean:-

Lastly, run a hot water cycle to wash out all your problems. Will ensure your clothes are actually clean after washing.

Water will wash out all residue and make it neat-clean and ready to further use with a fresh smell and giving. The better performance and resolve all your cleaning problems relate to your washer.

Note:-  We consider here a top-loaded LG washing machine for cleaning most of the top-loaded machines that are the same. But for front-loaded you need to follow different steps of cleaning.

d. Cleaning of the front-loaded washing machine:-

Most of the front-loaded washing machines are comes with the automatic feature of basket clean. It will perform an automatic function of tub or washer cleaning.

So you just need cleaning the gasket and lid outer and inner side, then the digital operating display panel and body of a washing machine will never make you the hassle of cleaning.

For the Front-loaded washing machine, you can not remove the base plate and there is no need to do it because its rotor is fitted at the sidewall of the machine so dirt will not be saturated at the wall side.

But basket will fill with messy dust or dirt and clean this with the help of vinegar or bleaching liquid.

Tools are used to clean this front-loaded washing machine are the same as top-loaded. Brush, vinegar, types of liquid bleach you may use.

Step-1) Run an empty cycle with vinegar or liquid bleach:-

Add 2 cups of vinegar or liquid bleach to the washer and run a hot empty cycle clean it out. It will remove all odor from the tub and detergent scars from the washer.

Step-2) Lid gasket and washer tub scrubbing:-

Put vinegar and baking soda paste on the detergent dispenser and inner periphery of the lid and then clean with the help of a piece of cloth.

With the help of a brush and paste of baking soda and vinegar rub the inner side of the washer tub and leave for a time.

And with the help of water and vim gel liquid wash (or colin liquid) spray to the outer side of the lid and outer panel then with the help of a smooth cloth clean gently.

Step-3) Run a Hot water cycle for final cleaning:-

Once more to wash out all residue of soda and vinegar paste from the tub you need to run an empty hot water cycle and washed out all things.

It will make your washing machine smells fresh and clean for reuse. It will ensure the no bad smell comes from washed clothes and no bacteria and germs over there.

We recommend cleaning the washer tub once per month ensures a clean and fresh tub.

You will not need the removal of this net panel and base at every periodic cleaning. These all tasks you have to do to clean your washer after every Six months.

If your washing machine is not working well yet then you have to go for the LG Service Center for service your machine.

Here we provide some contact website you can visit and solve your problem

Washing Machine Service:- 

For LG Service Centers click on the below link

For Samsung Service Centers click on the below link

For IFB Service Centers click on the below link

We hope this article will help you to know about the cleaning process of the top-loaded and front-loaded washing machine. So you can clean the machine at home in an easy way.

If any query about the above-explaining things then contacts with us in below comment section ask your doubts we will try to resolve all.

To know more about the washing machine go through the Best washing machines in India and buyers guide.

Thanking you for your response and for giving us precious time to stay here and read over efforts. To get information to connect with us and stay informed about all your purchase of kitchen and home appliances in your home.

Stay more informed than others and be happy with a healthy lifestyle!

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