how to organize the kitchen?_22-Smart Tips

How to organize your kitchen?

We will be discussing a few habits to keep your kitchen sparkling clean and organized. and you will find the answer to how to organize the kitchen? Some of you must be following these routines. These tips are not any hidden secrets but daily cleaning habits. Sure you can able to organized your kitchen

the tips in an article called How to organize the kitchen? Which I follow with discipline. These habits will save your time and your kitchen will always be clean organized and pest free.

So let’s get started, and know how to organize the kitchen?

Habit-1] While peeling veggies or fruits collect waste directly on a plate or bin:-

How to organize your kitchen?

While chopping or peeling veggies people bin or plate aside and start putting the waste directly on that.

It will keep your countertop clean and will save your time also, you can also get this kind of over the door garbage bag holder and start collecting the waste directly in it.

Habit-2] Wash the chopping board and knives immediately after use:-

How to organize your kitchen?

Wash the chopping board and knives immediately after use otherwise, the food residues will get dry in some time and it will be hard to wash them later.

Also, it attracts bacteria to grow to wash the blender immediately after usage. It takes only 30 to 50 seconds extra which saves significant time later.

Habit-3] Always wash mixer Jars After Use:-

How to organize your kitchen?

The immediate wash will prevent food residues to get accumulated on the blade. Once the remaining residues dry up, it is difficult to clean and it also leaves stains on the blade.

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inAfter the use pours some water with few drops of dish soap and blends it. The blender will be cleaned easily without any efforts. Now just wash it with normal tap water and leave it to dry.

Habit-4] Spread a clean Kitchen towel under the Chakla while making Chapatis:-

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inWhile making chapati’s spread a clean kitchen towel under the Chuck lock. It helps in two ways first chuckler will not move from its place. While rolling chapatis second all the dry flour will be collected on the kitchen towel, which helps in cleaning later.

Habit-5] Place back all the food containers and other items to their designated place after you finish cooking:-

how to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inAlways keep back the food containers and dishes to the designated cabinets right away after usage. It prevents unnecessary clutter on the countertop, just give a wipe to spice container.

Habit-6] After cooking give a wipe to Oil dispenser, Spice container and Fridge handle:-

How to organize your kitchen?

While the container and fridge handle after you are done with your cooking. Many times we touch them while cooking and they get stained with food.

A quick wipe will keep your kitchen stained free and reduces deep cleaning efforts later.

Habit-7] Always Wash dirty dishes in the night itself:-

how to organize your kitchen?If you do not want to see any unwanted pests like cockroaches and rat in your house, then always wash your utensils before going to bed at night.

If you have house help, who comes and do the dishes in the morning that at least soak the dishes in the water, remove all the leftover food from the dishes before putting them into the sink.

Habit-8] Don’t forget to clean and dry Scrubber and sponge pad:-

how to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inOne of the nasties items often see is disturber to wash utensils after washing utensils forgetting to rinse. The soap container and scrubber will attract bacteria and false smells in the kitchen.

The scrubber has lots of food residues throw the dirty soap solution. Then rinse the container and scrubber and leave them to air dry you can disinfect scrubber in plain hot water.

Habit-9] Rinse and dry the cleaning cloth and sponge wipe after finishing your work:-

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inUse this kind of microfiber cloths and sponge pads in the kitchen, They are efficient in cleaning and dry fast please rinse them properly after each use and leave them to dry. Give them a detergent and hot water wash once a week.

If kept dirty they may attract bacterias and other unwanted pests. Which you surely do not want to see in your kitchen.  

Habit-10] Never place back wet dishes inside the cabinet:-

how to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inAfter cleaning the dishes never placed wet dishes inside the cabinet.

Water can ruin your wooden cabinets and in whites, unwanted pests waiting for them to air dry.

Rearrangement in cabinets needs strict discipline always place back.

Habit-11] Clean the Countertop, Cooktop and kitchen floor before going to bed:-

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inThe dishes at the designated place, clean your cooktop countertop and tiles in the night after finishing your dinner.

Cover any leftover food and sweep the kitchen floor. It not only helps to keep the pests away from the kitchen.

But you will also feel good seeing the clean kitchen in the morning. It helps to increase your efficiency and speed up the morning cooking routine.

Habit-12] Place a floor mat under the kitchen sink:-

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inPlace a floor mat near to the sink area. It helps to soak the dripped water while cleaning the dishes also. It is a quick fix if any water spills on the floor accidentally.

Habit- 13] Always keep a kitchen towel handy near to the work station:-

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inAlways keep a kitchen towel near to the working station. Dry your hands properly before touching grains, flowers, and veggies like onion and potatoes. Even little moisture can spoil your dry uncooked grains and veggies.

Habit -14] Always use Garbage bags in the waste bean:-

Use garbage bags in the garbage bin. It will keep your bin clean all the time and it is easy to discard the garbage.

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inOne tip here uses a command hook at the back of the bin which helps you tie the back. So that it does not slips off while throwing garbage in it.

Habit-15] Always clean the Tea strainer immediately after use:-

One of the dirtiest things you can see in some kitchens is the tea strainer. Always throw these tea leaves in the waste bin after straining your tea.

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inWash the strainer immediately otherwise pea residues get dry later and blocks the small holes. Which causes the blackness in strainer and cross-contamination.

Also, fill up the water in the tea pan before dumping it in the sink, it will be easier to clean later.

Habit-16] Never use Steel scrubber to clean Non-stick pans:-

Never use Teflon utensils with plastic or steel scrubber while clearly, it can peel off the skin and can be harmful.

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inIf ingested along with food items clean these utensils with sponge pad and use only wooden spoons while cooking.

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inIn these dishes stop using the nonstick vessels for cooking or storing food, they cause serious health hazards. These cooking utensils make our life easy, but only if kept in proper shape and condition.

Habit-17] Don’t Re-use Mineral water bottles to store drinking water:-

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inDo not reuse mineral water bottles to store water, these are made of low quality plastic and are meant for one-time usage only instead use jugs, glass bottles, or BPA-free good quality plastic bottles.

The most suggested tip in this article of How to organize the kitchen? for those who have health issues. 

Habit-18] Place Table mats or lines on the Fridge Shelves and Kitchen Cabinets:-

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inPlace plastic mats or dining table mats in the cabinets and fridge. It will protect the fridge and cabinets from any accidental spillage and stains.

It is easier to remove mats and clean them rather than cleaning the whole fridge and cabinets, again and again.

Habit-19] Clean the Microwave Spills immediately:-

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inOne of the most ignored kitchen appliances is microwave any leftover stains and spillages can cause cross-contamination.

Just give a wipe immediately if you see any stains in the microwave, it will not take much of your time. Also, do a deep cleaning once or twice a month.

Habit-20] Seal the opened snack packs:-

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inDo not leave snack packets open clip them after opening or ship them in the container to avoid wastage and accidental spillage.

Habit-21] Arrange the monthly Grocery:-

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inWhenever you get your monthly grocery just organize it right away.

Transfer the grains in the designated containers and keep the rest of the stocks in the pantry cabinet. As the bags will keep your kitchen space clutter.

Habit-22] Organise all the Shopping and Grocery Bags:-

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inWhenever we go out for grocery shopping, we bring back home new shopping bags. As most of us always forget to carry our old shopping bags along which takes so much space in our kitchen.

How to organize your kitchen?_www.kitchenart.inHere, is the best way to keep your carry bags neatly. First, clear the crease from all over the back now fold it from both sides, bring them in the center. Now start folding into a triangle from the bottom till the top.  When you reach the top insert the handle into this pocket, see how neat it looks now? and the best part is it does not take much space to store.

Most of the ladies will agree with this tip because the importance of bags in shopping is understanding better only women. This may be the favorite tip for those from the whole article on How to organize the kitchen?

When they’re folded neatly now whenever you go out just carry three-four bags in your purse and that’s it.

This is how you can organize your kitchen and make it clean. Hope this information will definitely help you and make your work easy, save your time. Our motive is only to make your kitchen and you smart. So you can save more time for your self. 

If you like this information and want more articles on this topic like how to organize the kitchen? or else then you can suggest to us or ask your doubts in comment sections. 

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Stay informed and healthy.

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