Which Is The Best Water Heater (Geyser) In India

The best water heaters and geysers

Hello Guys! If you want to buy a water heater/geyser and don’t know how to select the best one for your bath then don’t worry. We are here for you, to solve your problem. In this article, we are going to explain the answer for which is the Best Water Heaters/Geyser.

Yes, We will make this decision easier for you and also feed extra information about this product so you can take a relevant and best choice for your warm bath.

Basically water heater or say geysers provide you warm water for bathing or another purpose too. And yes off Corse bathing is an important thing in daily life.

Most of the people are starting there day freshly just because of there great bathing time. The reason behind it is warm water.

When you take a bath with warm water it gives you the best and relaxing experience and makes you energetic for whole day work.

After the whole day work and struggle you came at home then you need relaxing action for your body.

What to do then go your bath and take warm water on your body and enjoy a spa treatment in your bathtub.

We know it sounds too relaxing. So to feel this experience you have to purchase a water heater or geyser in your bathroom.

So let’s take more information about water heaters or geysers.

How water heaters are work?

The function of the water heater is based on which source of energy is provided to heat the water.

It is a mechanical system basically in this water is flows from tap to geyser and when it passes from geyser pipe it gets heated because the pipe is heated either gas or electric heating coil.

The heat exchange mechanism is happening inside it. The outlet is connected to bath tap or shower and the heated water comes out through tap or shower according to your need.

What are the types of water heaters?

Water heater or geyser has mainly two types.


In this type of water heaters, the water tank is fitted inside it. For storage of heated water, the tank is provided which is insulated to keep water warm. The thermostat controls the overall temperature of the water.

This type of water heater has come in two variants- electric and gas.

The tank water heater consumes lower power and easily adapts to different power circuits.

But this type of water heater has some demerits like they provide limited hot water according to the tank capacity.

These are bulky and occupy more space.


This type of water heaters is more convenient to use. They can provide unlimited hot water according to your needs. This is small in size and occupies less space than a tank water heater.

This type of water heaters are more expensive and also consume more amount of electric power.

But if you have a good budget and want a durable water heater then go for it.

Finally, we go for

The Best Water Heaters / Geysers in India:

We listed out some of 11 Best water heaters / Geysers to make your product purchasing list more optimize. So let’s take a look one by one.

1.AO Smith Storage New Green Series Water Heater SDS 25 Ltr:–

The AO Smith Storage Water Heaters are known for the best quality water heaters.

This water heater has 25 Liters storage capacity. So if you have a habit of long-time bathing then there is no interruption in your bathing.

For this water heater, BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) gives a 5 Star rating. Which means it is an energy-efficient product.

It is a long-lasting product because it comes with good quality material.

The warranty Period offer on this Geyser is 7 years on inner tank and 2+2* years extended warranty on glass coated heating element.

The best water heaters and geysers

2.Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Ltr Vertical Water Heater, White, 4 Star:-

In-Home Appliances Bajaj is a good known brand. Especially water heaters provided by Bajaj are listing in top reviews on Amazon.

Particularly this type of water heaters comes with a capacity of 10L, 15L, 25L. In which we are looking for 15Liters storage capacity Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater.

It consumes 2000watts of electric power. It is suitable for high-rise buildings that sustain the pressure of 8 bars.

This heater is come with an adjustable thermostat for sensing temperature differences.

It consists of the anode which is made by magnesium material hence protected from rust formation, corrosion, and leakage.

A unique temperature indicator dial which shows the temperature reading on it.

The warranty period offered on this is 2 years on product and 5 years on tank.

The best water heaters and geysers



3.Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Liter Instant Water Heater:-

Heaters of Crompton provide a solution for all your water heating purpose. It is an aesthetically designed machine that adds to the contrast of your modern bathrooms.

The heating element is built with high-quality copper will not wear out an in case of an instant power cut and voltage variation.

The inner tank prevents by using the glass coating so that the product abrasion-free.

This product is having a low maintenance cost. It secures fluid flow which not harms your skin.

It comes with a thermal cutout so that when the water temperature exceeds the highest to pre-set level, then power supply offs to assure safety.

The thermal indicators are equipped with small LEDs that inform your water is hot and you are ready to go and you do not need to wait.

The warranty period for this product is 2 years.

The best water heaters and geysers


4.Havells Monza EC 10 10-Litre Storage Water geysers:-

The Havells Monza consists of the inner container with innovative FERO-glass TM technology so that under the hard water use it does not create trouble in service.

The Heating element is made with the material which gives excellent oxidation free and carbonization free service makes it longlasting.

The heating element has a high density with free CFC (chlorofluorocarbon). Heat loss prevents PUF insulation which is energy saving.

This got a5 star rating from BEE so that it gives power saving service to you. It comes with a capacity of 10Liters with a consumption of 2000 watts.

This product comes with a warranty period of 5 years on the inner container and 2 years on the whole product.

The Best Water heaters (geysers)_www.kitchenart,in


5.A.O.Smith HSE-VAS-X-025 Storage 25 Liters Vertical White 5 Stars:-

AO Smith is a well-known brand in home appliances and gives the luxury experience in your bathrooms because of its design and service.

The tank contains in this geyser is coated or lined with the Blue Diamond Glass gives a 2X corrosion resistance and provides a long life advantage to your heater.

The heating element is prevented and is glass-coated which provides prevention of scale formation which extends the life of the heating element.

It comes with Thermal cut-out and multi-function safety valve so you experience the double protection

For power saving, it comes with a PUF technology and also 5- Star rating of BEE. The Power consumption of this product is 2000watts.

The warranty period on this product is 2+1* extended on glass coated heating element and 7 years on inner tank quality.

The Best water heaters and geysers_www.kitchenart,in


6.V-guard water heater Victo 25 liters:-

A V- guard water heaters are made up of high-quality steel and it comes in an elegant cylindrical shape that makeover your bathroom into a stylish zone.

The unique feature of this water heater is the temperature dial is provided at the bottom of the geyser.

Which is convenient and makes it easy to regulate the temperature of water according to your preference.

The outer body of geyser or water heater is made with high-quality mild steel and is coated with anti-corrosive powder which protects your geyser from corrosion.

It comes with a four-layered safety system with a 4-star rating of BEE.

The warranty period offers on a product are 2year, on the heating element of 3 years and an inner tank warranty is 5 years.

The best water heaters and geysers_www.kitchenart.in

7.Usha Misty 25-litres 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage:-

The Brand USHA provides specially designed and different capacity range in water heaters. Water heaters are best in the sense of safety.

It comes with a 5 Star rating which helps you to save money in your electricity bill and having good featured insulation of thicker polyurethane.

The USHA water heaters go undergo rigorous testing of 250000 pressure pulsations which ensures the best performance.

The water heater is made by high-quality steel and the inner tank is coated with Sapphire Powder so that it helps to enhance the durability of the geyser.

Especially for the leakage protection the circuit breakers and safety valves all incorporated in the design.

It also provides optimum protection against dry heating, overpressure, overheating, etc.

Warranty period offers on it is 3 years on the heating element, 7 years on tank and 2 years comprehensive.

The Best Water heaters and geysers_www.kitchenart,in

8.Racold Pronto 3 3-Litre 3000-Watt Instant Water Heater:-

Racold Thermo ltd gives you an energetic start of your morning for the last 50years and a fully owned subsidiary of the Thermo group makes the world’s no.1 heating company.

The records consist of an innovative hi-tech heating element that also has an SPHP inner tank which is corrosion resistive.

The water heaters are sustained high-pressure and it is high energy efficiency, the heating element is enameled with titanium for better protection for longlasting service.

It is an energy-efficient geyser that has a 5star rating by BEE. The power consumption is 3000watts and it operating on 230volts.

The product comes with a warranty period of 5years on the tank, 2 years on product and 2 years on a heating element.

The Best Water heaters and geysers_www.kitchenart,in

9.Old A.O. Smith HSE-SDS-15 15-Litre 2000-Watt Vertical Water geysers:-

With the international quality assurance of AO Smith HSE-SDS making their image shine in the home appliances market.

It comes fitted with Blue temperature settings, with changeable color panels and has 4 years warranties.

A temperature control knob so you can easily set the temperature precisely between 25-degree c to 75 degrees C so you can take your bath in your comfort.

In hard water use, it gives maximum protection for used material and corrosion-free experience it also helps to improve the lifetime of your geyser.

Sustain easily high pressure up to 8 bars for buildings of high altitudes. You get a refreshing bath with advanced technology.

The warranty period for an inner tank of water heater is 7 years and 4years on glass coated heating element and 2 years on whole product

It will enhance your bathroom look, the size of this product is very compact, so there is no space wastage.

The Best water heaters and geysers_www.kitchenart,in

10.Crompton Aqua Plus (3KW) 3-Litre Vertical Instant geysers:-

For your refreshing bath and having wonderful bathing experience Crompton heaters are the compact in size and have a dynamic design that improves your bathing standard.

The pressure withstands capacity of 6.5bars which is suitable for high-rise buildings.

A geyser consists of a pressure release valve if there are excess water pressure increases beyond 95 PSI the valve helps to release excess pressure.

It comes with ISI marked Thermostat which senses temperature and helps to inform you temperature level. According to preset at 48 to 55degree C with automatic reset.

It also comes with Thermal cutout so that if the preset temperature 78- 88 degree C goes increasing then for your safety purpose thermal cutout cut electricity supply and stops the heating of water.

The heating elements are spiral type tubes that are made by copper which is good heat conducting material so you get fast heating experience.

It has a capacity of 3 liters it is suitable for the family who has 2 to 3 members or singles. The warranty period offers on it is 2 years.

The Best water heaters and geysers_www.kitchenart,in

11.AO Smith EWS-3 3-Litre 3000 Watts Instant Water Heater:-

Revolutionary instant water heating technology is provided with it has a capacity of 3 liters.

Now A. O. Smith is a known brand for you who provide a variety of geysers with different capacity and dynamic attractive designs.

It is an American technology designed which suits Indian water conditions. It gives a super aesthetic look to make shine your bathroom.

Suitable for both kitchen use and most important for bathing purposes if you have family members less than 3 then it is a perfect purchase for you.

The warranty period offers 3 years on a heating element. The heating elements are Glass coated makes it more durable and 5 years on inner tank replacement warranty.

The Best Water heaters and geysers_www.kitchenart,in

Buyers Guide and Factors of Consideration:-

We select those Best 11 Water Heaters which are top in their customer review.

After reading all the introductions of the geysers you may get an idea about which one is best for your home or bathroom.

Maybe you were imagining best Water heater in your bathroom, but while purchasing you need to know all the information about your selected product.

Also, you have to consider the factors before purchasing the product for your home. These factors are you may say that they are the comparing factors in the product.

So let’s have look at those factors

Capacity –

This factor of consideration depends on your member of the family. According to that, you go for a relevant geyser choice.

The water heaters are available from the range of 3liters, 6liter, 15liters, 25liters and so on.

Quality Brand –  

Yes, you have to choose the most trusted brand first. So that the facility offer from the brand will compliable.

The material of Product –

In search of a geyser material of water heater is the most important factor, because the product comes in direct contact with water.

Then water reacts with metal which causing rusting of product which deteriorates the life span of our product.

You have to consider both materials of the outer body of the geyser and heating element.

Energy Rating –

 The water heater we searching are all works on electricity and electricity is not free for us.

So before purchasing the product, you must know the electricity consumption of our geyser and what is the BEE rating for it, this rating will make your money saves.

Installation Service –

Most of the customers are facing this problem that the water heater company gives the facility of free installation but the customer service is not good.

The customer has installed their geyser from a local electrician on a paid basis.

To confirm those things before buying a product that installation accessories and services are free or not and what time will it take for installation and all.

Warranty Period –

We must say if you buy any product or appliance then please go for the warranty period offer. And read carefully all the terms and conditions for that.

The electric appliances do not know when it gives a problem so precaution is always better than prevention.

In the water heater must check the warranty period of the inner tank, heating element, and last overall product.

Then go for reliable, premium and innovative with have advanced technology “BEAT WATER HEATER” and make your bathroom experience glorious.

We hope this article will satisfy all the answers of yours related to water geysers. This will definitely help to optimize your water heaters purchasing list. If you have any doubts about this topic then ask in the comment section. 

Be Informed by connect with us, stay happy and healthy, thank you for spending the valuable time on this article.

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