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What is inverter technology?_www.kitchenart.in

The AC with Inverter Technology means the inverter AC. If you don’t know about Inverter Technology used in AC then this article is for you. The below article shows all the results related to inverter technology used in appliances. let’s see what is meant by inverter technology in AC.

When you going to buy the Air conditioner or washing machine you have heard about the inverter technology. So firstly the question arises in your mind is what is inverter technology? And let’s know about it.

  • What is inverter technology?

In a simple way, the inverter is used to regulate, modified, and variate the speed or frequency of the pump, or motor by controlling the AC current input.

It will help to regulate the speed that will respond to the low power consumption and reduces your electricity bill.

This enhances the working of the compressor and also increases the performance of it.

What is inverter technology?_www.kitchenart.in

Advantages of Inverter Technology:-

  1. No voltage fluctuation.
  2. Less power consumption.
  3. Effective cooling.
  4. Keep a constant room temperature.
  5. Suitable for small and large rooms.
  6. Performs noiseless operation.
  • What is inverter technology in ac?

With the help of Air Conditioner let us learn about it.

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Basically, the Air Conditioner contains the three main components to work a name as Compressor, Condenser, and Evaporator. The inverter is combined work with inverter.

The main function of the inverter in the Air Conditioner is the controlling of the motor speed of the compressor.

It also enables high powered startup which lets one enjoy fast cooling up to 25% faster than the conventional air conditioner.

The AC without inverter working principle is:

When AC on then at the set temperature its compressor pump works at high speed. If AC rich to the temperature then its compressor stops work.

Again when the temperature is going to decreases to set temperature it automatically on. But it waits till the set temperature arrives then it on at high speed and try to decrease the temperature.

The AC with inverter working principle is:

When the inverter is attached with a compressor then it does not allow the compressor to on-off. Because it regulates working of the compressor with the help of an inverter.

The inverter regulates the speed of the pump but not make it off just maintain the speed of the compressor.

When the temperature is going to below the set temperature it will decrease the speed of the compressor pump. And when rises above the set temperature then it increases the speed of the compressor pump.

Same as working in refrigerators, washing machines, and other appliances to reduce the extra power consumption for turn on the system.

Maintenance costs are high than normal.

  • Difference between an inverter and non-inverter ac:-

  • What is dual inverter ac technology?

Dual inverter Technology in AC

In normal inverter compressor used a single rotary compressor operating on a single-rotation with a single-compression principle. Variate the speed with single-cylinder capacity.

But after a longtime variation in the minimum and maximum working rpm, its shaft faces the imbalance problem.

It will affect the raise in vibration which ultimately leads to noise formation. To avoid this particular problem these Dual rotary compressors are bits of help.

The twin rotary compressor has equal unbalanced masses located at 180° opposite positions, which exert centrifugal forces in mutually reverse directions to cancel the unbalanced force of rotation.

Thus, the problem can be reduced to correct the unbalanced force of moment in the distance before the eccentric axes.

The twin rotary compressor is held to less than one-tenth of the mass of a single rotary compressor, thereby suppressing the whirling of the rotor top during the high-speed revolution and permitting the high-speed operation.

Its vibration tends to increase greatly as the run at a slower speed. Which results in the low-speed operation of the single rotary compressors are limited to, more or less than 30 reps due to a problem relating to the stress.

They can perform even at high temperatures of up to 52°C.

It gives Better Energy Efficiency(BEE). The BEE rating of the appliance shows the energy efficiency of it. The maximum score of it is 5 stars more score indicates more efficiency.

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  • Does an inverter AC (air conditioner) require a stabilizer?

The Stabilizer is used to protect your air-conditioner from a voltage or current spikes.

Actually, the voltage that comes in our Indian home is about 240volts. So the product designed is according to that range.

If there is a fluctuation occurs then it adjust in the inverter AC.

For inverter ACs, all the components are designed to work in those conditions. Usually, the range is 160 to 245 V.

So if your voltage does not fall beyond this range, then no stabilizer is required.

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  • What is a BEE star rating for ac?

5 star Energy Rating_www.kitchenart.in

The BEE indicates the Beuro of Energy Efficiency of the appliance. This denotes the efficiency of the product for power consumption. This rating is given in 5-star points. More stars mean the more efficient the product.

Basically, this efficiency count denotes how much better results can give by the appliance in low power. The best result concludes the power saving.

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Load Consumption Chart_www.kitchenart.in

It is a standardized measure define by the Beuro of Energy efficiency. The 4 and 5-star rating is available in mostly the inverter AC.

So for better BEE results, you should prefer the inverter Air Conditioners to buy. Because the 4star or 5star rating is available in inverter ac.


In this article, we specify some technical terms which you have to know before buying an Air Conditioner for your home. We learn about Inverter Technology, Dual Inverter Technology.

Hope this article will help you with understanding the Inverter Technology used in the Air Conditioners. Stay connected with us we surely feed you all updated pieces of information related to the Home and Kitchen Appliances.

If any doubt or question arises related to this topic ask your question in below comment section we will try to give your answer as early as possible.

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