which is the best microwave oven? Types Of Microwave


Have your mind stuck with the questions like, Which is a better microwave or oven:- Are you quite confused about the selection of microwaves? Which microwave ovens are best? what is a microwave oven? convection in microwave means and so on… 

Then don’t worry this article will help you to know about the best features of microwaves.

Then you can optimize your list of purchases, will select the perfect microwave for your kitchen. With the help of the article which is a better microwave or oven?

Our Kitchen’s needs are never end-up we all know about that but if your kitchen is not update with time. Then how can you make your kitchen smart and your cooking too?

We all know about our daily rat-race which stops only at weekends, sometimes not at that time. And in our daily routine schedule, we are might careless about our meal, how?

Especially those peoples who have kids you have to make tiffin for them and also we can not compromise with our office time.

Then we need someone will make us help to cut our cooking time with no compromises with health.

“Then Microwave is the best solution for this situation. Yes, if you coming home late at night and you are too much hungry then you can eat hot delicious food.”

It’s Sound that makes you feel better! I know.

Then just go through the article, even if you don’t know about how to select the Best Microwave for your kitchen. According to your needs, this article definitely helps you to make a decision.

In this article, we explain all trending microwaves in today’s market and Buyer’s Guide and Reviews for Best Microwave in India.

So let’s know about the Best Microwave Oven and How to select the Best-One?

  • Type of microwave:-

Microwave has mainly three types of SOLO, GRILL, and CONVECTION

We Explaining all the details about every single type of Microwave. we also give the recommended list for Best Microwave ovens in India (2019-20).

 So let’s know One-by-one,

A.Solo Type:-

This has performed very basic functions of cooking food and the microwave food using radio waves. It does not provide a grilling function.

If you don’t want to grill function in your cooking needs then this oven is perfect for your kitchen.

 Our Advisable  SOLO MICROWAVE:-

 1.Samsung Solo Microwave Oven:-

All Indian kitchens are familiar with Samsung’s brand and their quality products. Samsung provides all three types of Microwave but now we are studying about SOLO Microwaves.

You have to select the capacity of the microwave according to the number of your family members and their needs.

The factor of the capacity of microwave is explaining detailed in our Buyer’s Guide for Microwave Oven.

Samsung provides a 1year product warranty and 1 year on magnetron and 10years on the cavity.

For controlling temperature range tact button and jog dials are provided on a display panel, which is easy to use and also has Stylish design with stylish handle.

It has special TRIPLE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY that makes sure heating should be evenly around the microwave.

The enamel cavity made of ceramic providing one-touch healthy cooking, best for Indian recipe with anti-bacterial protection and keeps your microwave hygienic.

Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven (MS23F301TAK/TL, Black)

2.LG Solo Microwave Oven:-

LG knows for its quality and customer service for appliances. The microwaves from LG are of all three types now we are looking for a SOLO microwave.

LG Solo microwave comes with different capacities according to your cooking need and use for reheating, cooking, and defrosting of food elements.

For controlling, mechanism touch keypad is provided which is very sensitive to touch and easy to clean.

LG gives a special feature of 44 auto cook menu option with Indian dishes. Also, provide a child lock facility to ensure complete safety.

The warranty period offers a 1year comprehensive on the product.

LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (MS2043DB, Black)

3.IFB Solo Microwave Oven:-

The IFB Solo Microwave is can be used for reheating, cooking and defrosting of food elements.

It has a special feature of 3 auto cook menu option and for easy operating of controls, the jog-dials are provided.

You can adjust the power level with the help of Flexi power control according to your dish which wants you to cook.

In a combination with cooking, it may offer you a powerful grill function to cook and make brown delicious meals.

IFB offers a warranty of 1year on product and 3years on magnetron and cavity.

IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven (17PM MEC 1, White)

B.With Grill:-

Microwave with effective grill function is the same as the solo model but only grill function is added to it.

If you like to cook food items with brown and crisp textures then this microwave will feel all your cooking needs, and it is best to use when you to eat the non-veg grilling food.

But it also not that powerful like convectional grills and you observe after a backing or grilling food may dry out.

Actually, metal racks are used to raise your food up to the grilling of food items and those are located in the roof of the microwave.

Mainly two types of grills:-

  • Quartz grill –

In this type of grill, heating is done within a seconds. It is available on a high-end microwave.

  • Radiant grill-

The radiant grill is powerful compare to quartz grill but it takes more time about 5 minutes to heat up food elements.

4.LG Grill Microwave oven:-

If your cooking needs are grill related then go for it. This will help you to make delicious grilled food items that have a crispy texture and brown color.

It is faster but also safer to use, it provides an advantage of making large portions in one go. The concealed heater eliminates the risk of any form of a hand injury.

The technology of the Intellowave provides faster and healthier cooking and ensures a better cooking experience.

Auto cook menu especially design for health and calorie-conscious people having an anti-bacterial property avoids bad odors formation.

It helps to save energy by turning off the display panel if the unit is not active for 5 minutes. Healthy and tasty food can make at home with a controlled heating option.

LG 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (MH2044DB, Black)


5.Philips toaster Grill:-

If you love to make cakes and baking items with the joyful experience of cooking. It offers an easier and healthier way to bake, roast and grill.

This Philips Grill microwave allows up to 10% higher nutrient retention and it is best for making crispier cookies.

It has Optic Temperature Technology which enhances the taste of nutrition and allows you to taste uniformly baked cakes.

It comes with Multi-functional modes of cooking with great easiness to handle it. This has a 90 minutes auto cut-off so it helps to avoid extra power consumption.

You can make any type of non-veg grilled dish and enjoy to serve and eat. It has a feature like a one-touch 10 preset menu for a different range of Indian recipes.

The digital panel consists of a chamber light to easily monitor, soft turn chrome finish knobs for smooth work and also comes with accessories for multi cooking.

Philips HD6975/00 25-Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill (Grey)

C.Convection Microwaves (Combi):-

All three functions are included in this type of microwave. It can act as a convection oven, microwave, and grill for a variety of usage.

This is called your best microwave because it saves energy according to its microwave needs. If you want to cook a meal for one or two people then combis are the best to purchase.

Combis are look like a small oven, having a different function with a drop-down door. It also has adjustable horizontal wire racks.

In convection heating, the heating occurs with the help of air and transform from the heated molecules of air to the food element.

If you love baking then this is a recommended microwave. Because in convection cooking fan is used to circulate hot air evenly in all areas of the oven. Which will gives faster but perfectly crisp results.

Convection Microwave Ovens surely convert your kitchen into a Morden Kitchen.

6.Samsung Convection Microwave oven:-

With a slim fry technology, it gives healthy fried food without a deep fryer and also comes with a stylish design and smart features.

Controlling is easy with the sensitive touch with digital display and has a child lock facility that will ensure the safety of your family.

Large cavity space provides hassle-free cooking and has user-friendly features. And convection heating makes your food taste delicious and will increase hunger.

The Ceramic Enamel Cavity make microwaves evenly spread to every corner of the oven and make food properly cook.

Lots of smart technology to make tandoor, bread, toast, noodles, Pizza, indin dishes, etc. Also, you can make it with controlling temperature and time according to your needs?

Ice blue LED gives a stunning look that will enhance your kitchen look. This helps to make an easy meal dish and serve your family.

The warranty period offers on this device is 1year and 5years on magnetron and 10years on the ceramic cavity.

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (CE1041DSB2/TL, Black, SlimFry)

7.LG Convection Microwave:-

Now you can eat 88% less oil in fried food because this microwave provides the feature of Diet Fry. This super special feature of a convection oven that can provide you healthy crispy food dishes.

Just enjoy every fried dish without thinking of oil. You can make our Indian Fevoright Samosa, Kachori, Gujiyas, Pakodas, and so on.

You also can make restaurant-style tandoori Rotis and enjoy it with Paneer masala, Chhoule, Bringle Masalas like curry recipe.

This Microwave gives a number of smart and great features like Pasteurized Milk, Auto cook Menu, Best is you can make Ghee in 12minutes. And best about it that you can make paneer in this All-in-one microwave.

Especially for the bar-be-que recipe, this allows 360degree rotation while cooking without intervention for even roasting, so you can enjoy our all-time favorite paneer tikka, chicken tikka at home.

It comes with a Stainless Steel Cavity that gives uniform heating treatment and a Quartz heater provides safety to the user.

Cleaning of microwave is so easy with steam clean mechanism and it cleans microwave cavity absolutely with rid of grease and grime.

LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM, Black)

8.Morphy Richards Convection Microwave Ovens:-

It has a round stainless steel cavity without any sharp corners,  This ensures your hand’s safety first and helps to clean the microwave fastly.

It comes with different 5 power modes for cooking. And cavity has multiple hot points for convection of hot microwaves that will ensure timeless cooking.

A wire rack and baking plate give a super safe bet grill and baking function. It has a cook, re-heat and defrosts functions to make a variety of menu.

Morphy Richard convection microwave provides a 10-autocook menu option to cook. It has multi-affected features also has a child-lock facility to ensure kids’ safety.

For safety purpose sensors are provided to know about overheating. Its door is made up of mirror glass that allows you to check the dish while cooking.

Its stainless steel cavity ensures even circulation of heat for uniform cooking. It also has the advantage of no scratch and strain to the interiors.

This product comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Morphy Richards 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (23MCG, Black)

9.IFB Convection Microwave Oven:-

IFB convection microwave oven is useful for all your cooking needs like cooking, grill, barbeque, baking, reheating, defrosting, etc.

For perfect barbeque dish, this provides a special feature Rotisserie helps to make delicious browned meat dishes easily, it provides 101 auto-cook menu options that will save your time to cook.

It also helps to make fermentation of leisure dough/batter/milk products and it is complete germ care and hygienic cavity.

It has a combination cooking power grill means combi tech and its consist of a special feature like steam clean facility helps to clean microwave with an easy way.

With an enthusiastic design, this microwave is perfect for grilling and fulfill all your expectations related to barbecue cravings.

Food will remain hot up to 90minutes after cooking at constant temperature and without overcooking it.

For defrosting the food items just enter the weight of the food item and it will defrost that according to speed and save your time.

It provides fast-forwarded cooking and according to your dish need.

This varies power consumption will automatically save your bill amount and offers pre-set choices of cooking.

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30BRC2, Black)


10.Whirlpool Convection Microwave Oven:-

It has special features Zero Oil Cooking helps to cook a healthy meal. Especially for heart patients and health-conscious people, this is the best microwave.

While cooking different types of meal you have an auto cook menu options will save your cooking time and you will able to put it for valuable work.

It comes with different types of accessories that allow Rotisserie for tandoor and cooking, Grill rack for grilling, and cook-book is also provided.

The stainless steel cavity and outer body are made up of a superior powder coated cavity that will improve the lives of the microwave.

You can make Pizza, Tandoori, or other exotic dishes and also has 2-minute recipes with the help of Whirlpool MagiCook Microwave.

The preset oven like function gives the better perfect baking results without any hot and cold spot gives the even microwave, reheat multiple food post easily.

Whirlpool 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (Magicook Elite, Black)

Buyer’s Guide with Consideration Factors:-

This is not a simple decision of buying a convenient microwave according to your needs within a budget and selecting the best one for your kitchen.

This article will help you to know from what is microwave ? to how to select the best microwave? for your kitchen.

This whole article will help you to find the right microwave for your kitchen will accomplish all your cooking needs with low investment and good results.

In this Buyers Guide and Review of Best Microwave, we provide a factor some important which are keep in your mind before buying a microwave oven.

  • What is Microwave?

It is an electronic device which is useful for the convenience of cooking and help to do reheating of leftovers like sabzi or rice, soup making, defrosting of frozen food elements, you can make tea, coffee, instant snacks like popcorn, you can grill chicken, make pizza, kababs or paneer tikka, tandoor roti, etc. 

For all these different types of functions, you did not need to buy a separate device for every function, this microwave oven will complete all your cooking needs.

So before you going to buy a microwave, you have to know about functions and features and the terms, therefore, you can make the right decision and select the best microwave for your kitchen.

  • Types Of Microwaves:-

1. Solo

2. Grill

3. Convection

Each type has a special feature of cooking like Solo has the main function of reheating. The grilled one has the best grilling feature and the last convection can use for all your needs.

The all above types are explained in detail in starting of the article and type-wise we give the list of Best Microwave their features, pros, and cons.

According to your cooking purpose, you have to select the type of microwave.

1. SOLO:-

If you want a microwave only for simple meal heating and want a simple function like heating milk, making tea, coffee and saily simple food to cook then Solo microwaves are more than enough for all your needs.

For the commercial purpose for example of café use or hotel, coking needs of especially reheating and defrosting we recommended the Solo type microwave.

2. Grill:-

If you want to make pizza, sandwich, or grilling food items we advise you to go with Grill type microwave.

Especially for Café to make garlic bread, toasting food items consist of functions of solo microwaves.

3. Convection:-

If you want to make all types of meal dishes with less time consumption and especially for your baking needs convection microwave is the best choice for you.

A convection microwave is best for all-purpose of cooking needs and when you go for commercial use this is the best microwave for baking, brownies, and toasting and especially for bar-be-que food items.

The convection of hot microwaves cook the food evenly and the cleaning of the convection oven cavity is easier than others.

  • Capacity Of Microwave:-

The most important factor you must have to keep in mind that the capacity of the microwave according to the size of the family you need to choose the capacity of the microwave oven.

If you are a bachelor (single person) or if you have a small family and you want to make a meal for a maximum of 2 to 3 members then the ideal capacity you have to choose is up to 20Liters.

For 3 to 4 members of the family need a 20 to 25 liters capacity of microwave and will sufficient to cook the perfect quantity as per your family.

Most of the Indian families are join-family and they face a problem of mass cooking especially when the guest comes for dinner-lunch and you need to prepare the special menu for them in large quantities.

At those conditions are literally make hassle for us, so that time your microwave oven is the best helper for you and for those conditions we recommend the Microwave ovens of 25 to 30liters.

If you have a 4 to 6 member of the family then this 25 to 30liters capacity microwave oven is sufficient for you.

  • Factor’s related to PANEL:-

Microwave is easy to handle when it has a good control panel and easy to operate.

The Panel type is a considerable factor for easiness of operating and selecting the different cooking modes like preset, auto cook, cleaning, etc. the panel types are the MECHANICAL TYPE, FEATHER TOUCH OR TACTILE BUTTONS.

MECHANICAL controls are mostly used in Solo Microwaves. They are easy to use and has a long life.

FEATHER TOUCH controls are the latest innovative and smart control system. It has a touch of style to the design will sense your fingers just like your touch-screen phone. Easy to operate and clean too. This control has high accuracy.

TACTILE PLUS JOG DIAL this type of setting is observed in advanced types of microwaves. Which helps to control the temperature and time in an easy way.

For example, you can operate the controls even your hands are soiled by dough, you can use the jog-wheel control at those situations so it will never be damaging the unit.

  • Extra features to be considered:-

Now the microwaves are updated day-by-day and the smart features are added to making it the best microwave for users.

The smart microwave is that which has auto functions and smart technology will reduce the hassle of cooking and save time consumption. Also standing in the kitchen for the done whole cooking process.


This is a simple preset program to simplify the preparation of a variety of dishes. You have to do is just select the type of dish means the code of dish also weight of it and the oven will cook that dish automatically by setting power and time required to make it.

This feature is most helpful when you have less time to prepare a meal.


Micro-oven is an electronic heating device and it has high temperature while cooking but these terms you cant not explain to your kids because even they don’t have an interest in the know it.

In your absence if the microwave is doing their work and child goes near to the oven for making the curious thing then the oven will never allow them to open or panel operating because of its Child Lock facility so you can cook without any stress.

For safety purposes, this feature is important to consider.


This feature is especially inbuilt for saving the time to make frozen vegetables, frozen fish, etc. or say frozen food element to the defrost manner. And you need not wait for happening this.

Just put the frozen food element in oven and enter the weight then select the Defrost mode microwave sets automatically the power level and time and give perfect defrosted food.


This feature is mainly used for preparing the baking food items like cakes, cookies also you need it certain dished of grilling.

You need to select the mode of preheating and just set the temperature on which you have to preheat the oven.


In most of the microwave ovens, the timer function set automatically according to temperature and weight. But if you want to set according to your dish you can and it will of automatically after end cooking or after a specified set duration.


If you loved to make grill food then this is very important for you. Rotisserie means the accessory that you need for the grill which comes with microwave ovens.

Especially for making barbecuing chicken, paneer, vegetables, meat, etc. the accessories are most helpful to make those all types of dishes.


Cleaning of the oven is very important to eat healthy and fresh food, if the food residue is left in the oven will make smell bad and also affect your dish odor.

So after cooking you has to clean the microwave just like you clean all utensils which used in cooking.

The steam-clean feature is present in smart Convection Microwave Ovens to clean the whole cavity easily with consuming less time.

After knowing, detail about types we have some of the best microwave ovens list which is recommended for you and read their features, pros, and cons then go to your purchase of the best microwave will make value for your spending.

 Stay informed and connect with us. We will ensure to provide more information related to the microwave ovens and their use.

Thank You! For your precious time to read this article. We hope this article will definitely help you choose the Best Microwave Oven for your kitchen.

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